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The Vascular Care Group is a growing group practice committed to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. The practice brings together decades of expertise among a team of vascular specialists offering unparalleled care in New England with multiple vascular care centers and additional satellite offices, from Leominster to Cape Cod.

Feel your very best.

Our comprehensive services and technologies cover a broad range of conditions, from non-invasive vascular testing and vascular ultrasound to a full spectrum of open and endovascular procedures at affiliated hospitals throughout the state.

The most respected vascular care providers in New England.

With a focus on superior care, we have brought together some of our area’s leading vascular experts.

Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or the natural effects of aging, visit one of our comfortable and convenient offices and discover what is possible.

Artery Diseases

Learn about symptoms, risk factors, and treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAN).


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Venous Disease

Symptoms include pain, swelling, swollen limbs, leg heaviness and fatigue, skin changes and skin ulcers, and varicose veins.

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Dialysis Access

For a patient with renal failure, their dialysis fistula is their lifeline.


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Varicose & Spider Veins

Varicose and spider veins can be treated with minimally invasive procedures performed in a physician’s office


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In their own words…

“I would like to commend the entire staff I dealt with for their efficiency. Everyone from reception, nursing, and of course Dr. Simosa, were very kind, pleasant, and knowledgeable. They took excellent care of me while I was there.”

“I was treated with the utmost respect during my surgery in the Worcester office. I was very happy with my follow-up appointment – a wonderful and warm experience with a staff full of class.”

“I was sincerely impressed with my experience. The attendants and nurses were extremely courteous and extremely professional…. Exceptional people and exceptional medical care.”

“I'm very pleased with the professional expertise of all staff that attended me. The Doctor was very attentive and personable and I am grateful she is part of a team who cares. I’m amazed that my bruising is almost non-existent.”

“I can say that every time has been the same. Staff and doctors were very kind and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

“My experience has been excellent with Dr. Gorin and his team. The nurses are communicative, competent, and super friendly.”