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Arterial Disease and Treatment

Learn about symptoms, risk factors, and treatment of arterial diseases

You depend on the life-giving network of blood vessels – your vascular system – that carries blood to and from your heart. When this system of arteries, veins, and capillaries doesn’t function properly you can be at risk of serious damage to your heart, kidneys, brain, and legs. The services provided by The Vascular Care Group’s team of Board-certified vascular specialists offer the reliable experience and advanced technology you want when it comes to treating your vascular condition.

With all the choices of vascular specialists treating the symptoms of arterial disease, how do I know The Vascular Care Group is right for me?

People with both simple and complex conditions of arterial vascular disease find the help they need from The Vascular Care Group’s “Top Doc” rated, renowned faculty of vascular surgeons. Our experts provide coordinated and comprehensive treatment to people of all ages using advanced technology to perform vascular and endovascular procedures, often in the convenience and comfort of our outpatient office setting.

When you come to The Vascular Care Group, you are cared for by one of the largest vascular surgery practices in the country, with 20 surgeons committed to providing advanced surgical care at our clinics across New England.

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Arterial Conditions

The following arterial conditions are treated by our surgeons:

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Board-Certified Vascular Surgeons Treating Your Arterial Condition

The Vascular Care Group offers exceptional treatment, including:

  • A dedicated team of skilled Board-certified vascular surgeons and specialists
  • Cutting-edge ultrasound technology in the office for your convenience
  • Highly qualified surgeons that can create a personalized plan to treat your arterial condition
  • In-office treatment for some arterial conditions available in our state-of-the-art outpatient lab with minimal discomfort or interruption of daily activity